Our Design & UX hiring process

May 13, 2022

Words by: Michelle Estrin

Hello Design & UX Community! The Design & UX Recruitment team at Hinge Health is dedicated to bringing diverse perspectives and skills together to make experiences simpler and more meaningful for everyone.

Inclusive design matters

We not only design for users of all ages, but of genders, races and levels of impairment and disability, culture and ethnicity. We open up most of our roles to full-time remote candidates throughout the United States and Canada. By expanding our talent pool beyond the San Francisco area, we’ll no longer be confined by systemic issues of hiring in one of the most expensive markets in the country to live in. 

We ensure that candidates from underrepresented communities know about our roles and that Hinge Health is a company that welcomes them once they’re on board. 

The Recruiting Team is dedicated to making the health space effortless for everyone and finding solutions to large-scale challenges that will forever change the way people move their bodies. If you are passionate about helping to ease people’s pain and have a meaningful impact on lives, come join us!

Three Stage Process 

Our hiring process is broken down into three stages including a recruiter meet, hiring manager conversation, and virtual onsight. More details on these stages below. At Hinge Health our interview experience is focused on two-way conversations.It’s not just about us getting to know you, we also want you to get to know us. We thoroughly enjoy listening to how you tell and share your experiences.

1. Recruiter Virtual Google Meet / 45 minutes

This is our chance to talk in more detail about the role, teams, and org while also getting to hear more about you.

2. Virtual Portfolio Review + Candidate Deep Dive / 75 minutes

This is a deeper dive into your work/examples and hear your story and how your past roles lead you here. It is also the perfect time for you to get to connect with the hiring manager and ask some of those key questions that help you know this is the right role, team, and company.

3. Final Virtual On-site / 60 minutes + 4-5 1:1s around our Leadership Principles 

This is the final stage! You have the opportunity to come in and share your work or case studies with a panel of potential colleagues and dig in deeper on our leadership principles. This is also a great opportunity for you to hear from a wider range of team members to really unpack those burning questions. 

Your journey is important to us. We love seeing portfolios that showcase not just the final product, but your journey throughout the design process. 

If you are interested in a design career with Hinge Health, please email us or check out all our open roles.

Join the crew!