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Design & UX


We are designers, writers, researchers, makers, tinkerers, thinkers, and creators. We are inventing the most user-obsessed products and services possible, setting a new bar for the healthcare industry and grabbing the attention of the larger product design community.

We are creating and delivering industry-leading brand identity and expression across all communication touch-points.

We keep members front and center by knowing users deeply and continually representing them throughout the development process.


Product & Industrial Design

  • Design our product and UX for all member-facing experiences, internal products, and our design system. This includes our physical motion tracking and Enso hardware products.

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Creative Team

  • Evolve and elevate our brand identity and expression across voice, tone, typography, color, photography, iconography, illustration, motion, and sound design for both the Customer and User journeys.

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UX Research

  • Transform our understanding of its users (members, coaches, etc) by knowing users deeply and continually representing them throughout the product development process.

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  • Leads and manages operations across disciplines (product/ux, industrial, creative, research), as well as being a force multiplier that drives foundational and scalable processes.

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OUR People

"I joined because I loved the company’s mission and had a great interview experience, and stayed because people here really want to do their best work and I have so much to learn from them every day."
Swannie Huh
Sr. Product Designer
"I get excited to come to work everyday knowing that it's possible to make a difference in somebody's quality of life—by helping them make better habits of movement."
Madeline Goulet
User Researcher
"The clear line that connects what I do at Hinge Health and the impact it has on people’s health is what keeps me going."
Koushik Chowdavarapu
Senior Product Designer
"I’m so engaged in my work…not only because I partner with talented people who trust me, but also because Hinge Health aspires to talk openly about pain and get rid of the stigma around it."
Andy Parker
Lead Content Strategist
"The pandemic has changed the course of many things and digital health is 100% necessary during a time like this. What motivates me is knowing that what I do is helping real people all over the country."
Rob Hiroshima
Lead Motion Designer
"Like many people, I’ve encountered MSK pain personally and through those close to me. I’m excited to work at a company that’s addressing real gaps in the quality & accessibility of healthcare."
Teagan Daly
Sr. Product Designer
"What motivates me is knowing that I am helping scale a mission-driven company that has a direct impact on people’s lives"
Jason Hermerka
Creative Ops Lead

We worked with the world’s biggest brands and the most innovative startups.

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